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Welcome to my blog, The Practicing Writer! Join me on this amazing adventure as I try to navigate the world of writing and my hectic personal life. Happy reading!

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I'm not dead! Or, One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

I'm back! Sorry for the last two weeks and being gone. Work was kicking my butt and my mom got married last weekend! I'm probably going to be moving posts to Saturdays since I work on Fridays, so expect that moving forward.

Anyway, I've been working on my book outline, and I'm already changing things from the beginning. I've also been working on more character sheets to keep track of my characters going forward. I know that if I don't, there will only be chaos, and I'm anxious enough! 😅 So far, I've realized that this book will be a ghost story, but it won't necessarily be "horror." I don't think that will serve the story, and I want to make sure I'm not forcing scares. If I do that, it won't be scary. I'd let it go where it feels right than force it to be something it's not. For that reason, I don't have anything physical that I'm going to share this week. I want to start over and revamp it, making the changes that feel right. I'll be back next week with some character sheets, and then I'll try to make regular updates to the outline and share those with you. I want to stay committed to this journey, and that involves following my creativity and starting over.

Another thing I'm going to be seriously considering as I go forward is graduate school. I've realized as I've gone through this process that there are some skills that I want to hone, and I think the only way I can do that is by expanding my education. I'm going to be researching programs, primarily sticking to ones that I can complete either mostly online or complletely online. This way, I can more easily balance by work with school and my work on my book.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a long process, and I hope that you will bear with me and follow me through this. Like I've said, I want to stick to this and complete this book, but it's going to take trial and error and numerous revisions.

I hope you all have a good week! Bye!

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