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Welcome to my blog, The Practicing Writer! Join me on this amazing adventure as I try to navigate the world of writing and my hectic personal life. Happy reading!

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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

So, I just got done watching the stream of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, and for those of you who have seen the film it was based on, you know that one of the main taglines for that movie was "Anyone Can Cook." This means more to me than just being able to whip up something in the kitchen or even making a gourmet meal for a fine dining restaurant. The whole point of that phrase, at least for me, is that anyone can do what they are passionate about as long as they are willing to try and work as hard as they can. I also understand that there is a privilege that I hold in this world, and I want to use it to elevate others in their creative pursuits as well as work on elevating my own.

The reason I bring up this musical is that the only way this was conceived was through TikTok creators and those who were passionate, not just about this specific project, but about theatre in general. The quarantine has affected the theatre community in a big way, and to see these creators make something that was noticed by Broadway, Disney, Pixar, and so many others is a testament to the enthusiasm and care they showed in bringing this show to life. I love collaborative projects like this, and I was especially grateful that they were taking contributions for The Actors' Fund in order to help theatre professionals during this time.

Another reason I bring up this project is to talk about the topic of inspiration. Where does inspiration come from? It really can come from anywhere, as cliche as that sounds. The creators of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical built a community and a project around a film that inspired all of them. My last post was about my inspiration to write a project based upon observations à la BBC's Sherlock. I think that sometimes we think of inspiration as this nebulous thing, waiting for it to strike. I know because I still have a habit of doing this instead of seeking out inspiration in different media that I consume every day. I think I get in my own way when it comes to "finding inspiration" because it's "easier" for me to procrastinate than it is for me to sit down and focus on writing. I'm not sure if it's my anxiety that's also holding me back, but it could definitely be a factor.

All of this is to say that I've been inspired to look for inspiration in whatever I can, even if it may seem insignificant to me at the time. I have so many ideas that come to me that I don't write down, and then they are usually lost and forgotten. I know that I need to make more of an effort to keep these ideas accessible, and so that is what I'm going to do. I want to inspire others with my work, but I think I need to be able to inspire myself first.

On a slightly different note, an idea for another project has been given to me: a book about my family's history--particularly my mother's side. Specifically, this would be a compilation of stories rather than a biography of my family tree. I know that there are several people I'd like to interview once circumstances have become safer, but for now, I'm doing what I can on my own with what I have. This idea is in the very early stages, so don't expect much anytime soon, but I was so excited I had to share the idea. I'm also working on writing more personal essays like the one I did a couple of posts ago. I've always liked books of personal essays, and it seems a little less daunting than a book with a consistent narrative, at least at the moment.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and happy new year to you all! I hope that 2021 is much less eventful than the year 2020 was. 'Til next time!

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